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metropolis 2.0 Beta Test Completed!

Posted in Main, Visionary Tech on May 15, 2012 by octogonpc
metropolis 2.0

metropolis 2.0 theme for Windows Media Center 8 (works on WMC7 also) operating on an XBOX 360 Extender to a 37″ LCD TV.

Greetings all.  I am so happy to say that the beta test of metropolis 2.0 on Windows 8 CP (x64) via an XBOX 360 extender has been completed.  Based on the pictures below, provided by Firecatman , the system functionality is in tact and works well in Windows 8 Media Center.  Firecatman shares, “I have not run into any problems so far with the theme on my computer or extenders and I have been using it just about everyday.”  I want to thank him for testing the them and I can now post the final theme online, after I address his one concern, “The only problem I have had so far is the background on the home screen makes it difficult to read the text or see the icons.”


metropolis 2.0 is a GO!

Posted in Main, Visionary Tech on April 9, 2012 by octogonpc

Greetings!  It has been a while since my last post about the Windows Media Center Theme I was developing.  I’m happy to say I’m currently testing the theme in Windows 7 and Windows 8 for functionality / compatibility / stability to ensure it will not “jack-up” anyone’s current setup.  That stated, here are some screenshots of “metropolis 2.0”!

METROPOLIS Theme for Windows Media Center – by OCTOGONPC

Posted in Main, Visionary Tech on January 4, 2012 by octogonpc

Greetings all,


Main ScreenHere are some screenshots of my customized Windows Media Center Theme that I’m developing.  Currently in BETA.  I originally designed it for my Windows 7 Slate PC I developed (The OPC Quantum SC), and I liked it so much I figured I needed to expand on it.  I created most of the resources (backgrounds, buttons, startup sound, etc.) from scratch, that way to not infringe on someone else’s work.  I’d like to see what you think.  Please submit your opinions in the embedded Poll, and provide constructive feedback so I can make it better before release.  Thanks!

Hello world!

Posted in Visionary Tech on October 8, 2009 by octogonpc

Welcome to OCTOGONPC’s BlogSpace.  Well, not much for a first post, yet to say “keep your eyes here”.  This space will be dedicated to GADGETRY and VISIONARY Tech.  GADGETRY will be dedicated to the “kewlest” tech fluff from netbooks to touchscreen pad PCs.  VISIONARY will be dedicated to “dreaming up what should be next, in tech”, from concepts to hardware to UI mods for Windows OS (themes, backgrounds and functionality).  Thank you for stopping by.  Hope to keep it fresh!